There is no better way to buy quality olive oil than to taste it first.
 All the world's knowledge of olive oil is futile unless you can
connect it to the sensory experience—the aroma and taste of the
 oil & vinegar your purchasing.

Our Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is First Cold Pressed, unadulterated, natural juice of the ripe olives, which means it is pressed only once and no heat or chemicals are used to extract the oil from the ripened olives. It is kosher pareve, meeting the standards of Jews and Gentiles alike, striving to eat according to Old testament biblical principals. Our Balsamic Vinegar, from Modena Italy, is aged in wooden barrels by time-honored techniques, which imbue the vinegar with rich aroma, flavor and color.

A visit to Promeny provides that experience with a simple walk through the corridor of
True Vine bringing you to several fustis filled with superior quality olive oil and
balsamic vinegar for free tastings.
Genuine Balsamic from Modena Italy
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