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Martin Dzuris, born and reared in Czechoslovakia, brings a vast appreciation for the beauty and extravagance of Europe, its rich coffee and full-bodied wine. His wife, Katrina, American born, began her appreciation of the old world cafes and wineries during her first trip to Europe in 2000 and their wedding in Chateau Hluboka nad Vltavou in 2003. Together, desiring to bring a piece of Europe’s beauty home to New Buffalo, MI, they created a small and unique step into the old world in this delightful café & wine shop.
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The name, Promeny, has a deep significance for owners Martin and Katrina Dzuris. The Czech word means to transform from one thing into another and is very fitting for New Buffalo's most elegant and newest Coffee/Wine shop. Vintage grapes transform into a full-bodied glass of wine and Arabica beans transform into a rich aromatic cup of coffee. But the meaning doesn't stop there. Martin and Katrina Dzuris are born-again believers in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah and were transformed from sinners of this world into the righteousness of Christ. Still yet, Promeny by Cechomor is a famous Czech love song about transformation and was the favorite song of Martin's beloved brother, Adam Palus. And last but not least, Promeny was the first song Martin translated into English one romantic night in the beginning of Martin and Katrina's relationship. So yes, the name may be foreign to many of Promeny's visitors, but the history behind the name is filled with as much meaning and joy as your experience in this elegant café.
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